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In Jim Rohn’s Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle he talks about the importance of keeping a journal.

Think about it, how often does someone ask about a day or event and you can’t really tell them? Eventually, you will remember but what if there was something important you wanted to make sure you did?

Keeping a journal allows you to go back and review. You may find days later that your perception has changed and the answers are very different today than they were then. Having a journal gives you a better ability to rethink events in a more calm manner that could lead to positive changes.

One program I was involved in used what we call an A/B journal. Mark the left side of the page with A for Attitude and the other with B for Behavour. Attitue/Behaviour = A/B journal. Write down your attitude at the time. For example: It’s a rainy and dreary day. Now on the other side, keep track of your behaviour. Did you behave in a manner that supported the negativity or did you do something that caused a change in the attitude?

Reviewing the A/B journal will allow you to make a conscious decision to make positive changes. Sometimes we don’t realize the negativity was there until we read the journal!

I highly recommend Jim Rohn’s Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful the temperature dropped a bit! I’m thankful for the dinner God provided. I’m thankful for every life that has touched mine.

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