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Building your business can be very difficult. One of the toughest things to do is to get your name out there. If people don’t know who you are, how can they hire you or buy from you!

Networking is key and booths are one way to get out in front of people and introduce yourself.

The first couple of times I tried booths, they were scary and I didn’t think they were successful. There were a couple of achievements that I didn’t realize until later. Firstly, for some of us, it helps to get over the fear of striking up conversation with strangers. It’s here that strangers become acquaintances and friends and this eventually leads to them hearing your message. Secondly, this is where you can try new ideas to see what might work.

One of my early mistakes was trying to start business conversations with strangers as they passed my booth. You have to think about this like dating. Do you think you can walk up to someone new and just start kissing them! Depending on your business, it’s that intimate. You need to take some time to get know each other a bit first and make each other comfortable. Only after that can you consider asking for business.

Having something fun to do and a draw for something to win can help! A simple putting green for example can give people a reason to stop and spend some time in a non threatening manner. Don’t sell! Just visit. Make sure you have something with a ballot to gather their information and make sure your ballot discloses that you can use the information to call them for business purposes. People used to ask “You’re not going to call me are you?” and I always said “Of course, I might even call twice if you win!”. Make light but don’t hide the fact that this is business. Just don’t try to sell right there unless you are receiving distinct buying signals. The whole purpose of the booth is to gather names and contact info, not sell. You don’t have time for that at the booth. You need their focus on you when you are selling and that means you might miss 10 other opportunities by focusing on one for too long.

Above all else, have fun! People enjoy being around fun people and will want to spend more time with you when you do call them and make sure you do call them! Ideally within a couple of days before they forget how fun you are.

So, try a booth, and enjoy yourself!



What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful that my friends are still including me in Spiritfest. I’m thankful that my kids are “finding their way”. I’m thankful for my beautiful grand daughter that is coming to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma tonight!

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