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When considering the looking glass, we often forget how much the lens matters. Let’s be clear, I’m a Pentax guy with no experience using other cameras so yes, there is a bias. My references are mostly to Pentax because that’s what I know. That being said, this is a discussion in general terms.

Your Lens Matters

Pentax with Pentax lens beside a Sigma lens.Many of us get caught up in having the best camera. Now there is a big discussion! When my passion for photography was re-ignited, I picked up where I left off and went to Pentax. Not because I thought it was the best camera but because I understood how they work as a result of my past experience (And there was a good deal at Costco at the time!). What I learned over the last couple of years is that I was correct in resuming with what I know but spent a fair bit of time and money trying different lenses. Now I understand how much your lens matters!

When making a budget decision, allocate more funds to the lenses and make those decisions based on what you want to shoot. Spend some time on Youtube and save yourself some time and money. There is a caveat though, there are many differing opinions and at some point you just have to decide. I used Ebay to make some low cost purchases during the time I was trying to figure out what I liked which led to focusing funds a little better over time. Careful you don’t get G.A.S. (Gear acquisition syndrome!).

Does The Camera Matter?

Snowy street in St. Sauveur QuebecIn my case, I prefer landscape but also like to shoot some birds. I love my Pentax K-1ii and for a walk around lens, shooting landscape with my Pentax-FA 28-105 or F 35-105. Great camera for low light with the right lens on it. The photo at right was taken hand held with my Pentax K-1ii and a Samyang 85mm f1.4 lens. The lens is manual but the camera is pretty smart at identifying focus! Good thing with these old eyes.

Dark Eyed JuncoFor birding, I like my Pentax K-5iis for the frames per second. This way I can shoot rapid fire for a little longer period. (I would love a K-3ii but remember that G.A.S. I mentioned?) Besides, because of the APS-C versus the Full Frame in the K-1ii there is effectively a longer reach. To be clear, it’s a perception thing. It seems longer because the image is cropped in camera whereas you need to use a photo editor with a full frame camera to get to the same image. There will be many other camera options for birding. If you know birders, ask them what they use and why!

Be A Joiner!

Join some groups and spend time looking through their posts. As a Pentax user, many of mine are Pentax specific. As a landscape and birding person, I belong to a few groups related to those. Here are some of my favourites (They are closed groups and you will have to ask to join):

To see some of what I shoot, go to my Facebook photography page. I don’t post a lot there because of some FB limitations but have many more photos uploaded to Youpic.

Keep in mind all of the above is my opinion with links to a few others. In the end, you have to decide for yourself. Now get out there and start shooting. Connect with my FB page and show me some of your stuff!

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for? Pentax, social media and God’s green earth! What are you thankful for?


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