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Perspective. It’s all in how you choose to see the world.


The same world can look so different depending on how we look at it at any given moment in time. Perspective is everything. It’s funny how sometimes we can walk a few feet (A meter or so for those who don’t know imperial measure!) and totally change our view.


Dark clouds on the horizonToday, I looked out my front door to see what looked like storm clouds on the horizon. It was a totally different perspective. The world was grey and dark. No, not midnight dark but definitely not a bright day. If I had stayed where I was, my perspective wouldn’t have changed. I’m betting my mood would have matched what I saw.

I believe we can extrapolate that to reflect the same about moods. When we are in a dark place and focus on that darkness, it just takes our mood “south” with it. At the risk of my wife reading this and getting mad at me, just choose!


Blue sky with white clouds.I went to my back door immediately after looking out front and seeing those dark clouds. Would you believe the sky was a bright blue with lovely white clouds?!! Immediately I felt my mood shifting. A simple change in perspective and the world looked so much better.

I stayed there a while and just basked in the sun, feeling it warm my soul. I went back to work (lucky to be one of those who can work from home while we navigate COVID-19). I had found my happy place!


Sunny dayAbout an hour later I took a look out the front door again. Guess what. The skies were blue and the sun was shining too!!! God was smiling on me today as the skies cleared and the ground dried. Definitely better than the snow on the ground I woke up to this morning. Sometimes we just have to allow some time to heal. The challenge is knowing when wejust need to take time to absorb or we need to take time to plan for change.


Perspective is everything. A minor shift and the whole picture changes. It can be as simple as feeling blue and calling that special friend who can always raise you up or wallowing in self pity and sinking deeper into darkness.

This isn’t to negate feelings. Don’t deny them. We all have them and I believe we need to feel them. Then, do whatever we need to in order to change the perspective that will take us where we want to be.

Dark clouds on the horizon Blue sky with white clouds.

How do you choose to see the world?

web conference softwareMake it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for my camera, lenses and time to use them.

What are you thankful for today?

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