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Even open minded and progressive pastors may have limited ability to see beyond their own experience. Don’t expect your pastor to understand your MLM. They believe in and are too busy promoting their own opportunity.

Your Pastor

Pastors are people too! Why do we expect them to be any different?

Man-CryingPastors are just like you and me. They live in the community doing business just like we do. Many have children and family challenges.They are involved in one of the biggest and toughest MLMs in the world. Ministry. It’s their job to invite as many people as possible to find faith. 

Like many other people, your pastor may have had negative experiences with Multi-Level Marketing. There is no way to know what their experience is. They are unlikely to see themselves as being involved in MLM. I wouldn’t recommend trying to explain that one. Just invite them. 

Your MLM Opportunity

Multi-Level Marketing has been around for years.

  • Fuller Brush
  • Mary Kay, Allouette and Avon
  • Amway and Quixtar
  • Tupper Ware

The list goes on. Then there are organizations that don’t recognize or acknowledge that they are structured just like MLM.

  • Franchise distribution modell.Church
  • Insurance companies
  • Realestate companies
  • Automobile manufacturers

Insurance and Realestate companies set up brokers who then recruit agents. In some cases, agents set up their own teams and sell to the end user. Hmm…sound familiar?

Everyone Is Invited

I was at a church the other day and the pastor was doing the “MLMy” thing. He was teaching everyone to get over their own pre-conceived ideas. Stop assuming that others will shun you because you have faith and are involved in a community with common beliefs and goals. Teach your team (family and friends) to do the same. Duplication.

Like MLM, the church needs to always be growing. Some people come and some go, for different reasons during different seasons in their lives. Your church may not be for everyone but if you don’t invite them, how will they ever know? Don’t give up just because someone said no. Find someone else to invite.

If you want to be successful in your MLM business, take a lesson from your pastor!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for great teachers. I’m thankful for open minds. I’m thankful for faith.

What are you thankful for today?




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