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MLM, Direct or Affiliate Marketing, How Did You Join?

MLM inverse pyramid

MLM, direct or affiliate marketing people often ask “are you looking to start your own business?”. A surefire way to scare people away! If you want to know what works, ask some of your MLM friends  “how did you join?” to better understand what works. I need to acknowledge Lindsay Tompkins here for triggering my …

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Sales isn’t for everyone but is it for you?

We often hear people with MLM opportunities say “anyone can do sales”. Bull roar! Sales isn’t for everyone but is it for you? What is “Sales”? Believe it or not, those MLM folks are partly right about sales. We all sell every day. Wife convinces husband to watch a favourite show. Child convinces a parent …

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Why You Need to Love the “Onesie, Twosies”!


“Onesie, Twosies” are critical for the success of your MLM business. This is where the bulk of your numbers will come from. MLM and the Numbers As with any type of sales organization, successful sales strategies are all about the numbers. You need to fill the funnel to get results. How do you do that? …

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MLM: System v Style

Leadership style

MLM or Multi-level Marketing companies have a system in place that should make it easier to achieve success. The challenge is how to make the system work with your individual style. System Any successful MLM company must have a system in place that will duplicate easily if they are to achieve any level of success. …

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You’re a great teacher! Now, can you teach the teachers?


You studied hard and you have become a great teacher in your MLM business. Now it’s time to teach the teachers! Becoming a Great Teacher When you join a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business, the first thing you need to do is learn how to teach others to do what was done to you. How do you do …

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Human Developers and MLM

Picture of coaches

Human developers are people who constantly strive to help others achieve their personal potential. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies are built on the backs of the greatest human developers. Do you have it in you? Human Developers Who are human developers? Parents Teachers and Coaches Leaders Parents These are our first exposure to human developers. …

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MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Credibility


MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies today have more credibility than most “legitimate” businesses. Compared to when I started working, loyalty of “legitimate business” to employees is rare and full time employment with a living wage is almost non-existent. The problem is that MLM associates allow themselves to go on the defensive and feed the myth that having …

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Success comes at your own pace.

I walk slowly but I never walk backward.

Success is different for everyone. First, you define what success is for you. Then, you set your own pace. Fast or slow, it’s up to you.   What is success? For some people, success is having a good job, a home and a family. For others, it could be a business generating a few hundred …

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Your Pastor and MLM

Even open minded and progressive pastors may have limited ability to see beyond their own experience. Don’t expect your pastor to understand your MLM. They believe in and are too busy promoting their own opportunity. Your Pastor Pastors are people too! Why do we expect them to be any different? Pastors are just like you and …

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Is this a pyramid scheme?

Half the people that ask that question have never experienced a true pyramid scheme. I remember them from the 70’s. People would take $500 who would then take $500 and so on.  This would go down so many levels and the people at the top got their cash and ran.   No one ever received …

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