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Vancouver. What an embarrassment!

But now what do we do about it? I see this as similar to one of my children acting out. When a child acts out, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. Either there is frustration with something directly to whatever event triggered the action or it’s like the old story about the lion with a thorn in it’s paw. There is something you are not seeing that is causing a pain. Once the cause of the pain is identified, you can take action to remove the cause and then the behaviour totally changes.

What will we learn from Vancouver? What is the real cause of the pain?

Are people frustrated because the media talks about how our economy is not nearly as bad as the US but we feel like every year our standard of living is decreasing? Is social media such an influence that people give in to hysteria too quickly because the information moves so fast that we don’t take the time to think?

At what point do we step back and think about our actions? We are expecting the government to give us all the answers. Do we really want to give away our own responsibility and with that, control over our own destiny?

I would suggest it’s time to take back control over your own destiny. Stop paying attention to the noise like the event in Vancouver this week and chart your own destiny. It’s very hard to do! You have to really want it and sometimes you need to ignore the people closest to you because they will try to suck you back in.

There are a few books that I recommend you read that may help you develop the right attitude. The Leader Who Had No Title; The Slight Edge; Millionaire Mind; and Business of the Century. This link will take you to my web page where there are video clips and links. They don’t give you miracle answers and the your path to success will be long and arduous but I believe anyone can find success if they just take the time to identify what they really want and stay focused.

This link, will take you to a page that has links to information about MLM, Network Marketing or whatever you want to call it. This may not be for you but often, finance is one of our biggest challenges. Many of us don’t have the resources to buy a large franchise but, maybe this will help you get there. Robert Kyosaki and Donald Trump are big advocates of MLM. Who would you believe?

Are you going to be like the mob in Vancouver and live in chaos or will you take control of yourself and your destiny?


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for my God given ability to think for myself. I’m thankful for the support of my wonderful wife. I’m thankful for the sun rising today!

What are you thankful for today?

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