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No, I’m not talking about my wife!

The temperature is up this week and I have to admit, I would like to go to Hawaii to cool off! I went there a few years ago and the tour bus operator told me it never goes over 90F. My kind of place!

It’s funny how a change in environment can throw you right off. The heat has become such a distraction at the office that it is affecting productivity and accuracy. Not just me but many people around me. When you think about, it’s silly. The heat will be gone in a couple of days and we’ll be complaining it’s too cold. Too hot, too cold, why does it matter? Put a sweater on or drink more water if it’s hot, it’s just a little discomfort and it will pass.

Sounds like life doesn’t it? We allow ourselves to be distracted by inconsequential things that end up creating even greater consequences than if we just worked through it.

There was a session at our church a few weeks ago where we talked about paying attention to a little tension. I think the risk is that we need to recognize whether it’s a tension or just a distraction. Know the difference. If it’s a tension that requires addressing, pay attention the solve the problem then move on. If it’s just a distraction, recognize that and just move past it!

When I get tomorrow, it will be another day. Jeff Olson talks about this in The Slight Edge, there are certain things you just know. Tomorrow will come. The light will go on if you flick the switch. Some day never comes because tomorrow will come as sure as the sun and the next day and the day after that. Guess what? None of those will ever be “some day”.

So, quit being distracted by the noise in your life and do a Nike.

Just do it!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful it was warm and people could get their vitamine D! (From the sun, the natural way.) I’m thankful my wife had a good day. I’m thankful the light came on when I flicked the switch!

What are you thankful for today?

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