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And then move past it.

We all run into dark moments in our lives.

Like night becomes day, darkness leads to light. We know in our hearts that spring follows winter. Sun follows rain. It always has and always will.

We just know.

We lost our son a few months ago and the world became a very dark place. With each passing day, there is just a little more light and we just have to trust in God and the universe that the little bits of light we see will grow over time and night will become day again.

So remember, when you run into a dark moment, you can trust that there is light afterward. Embrace the darkness because it’s a normal part of life. Just know that as day follows night, that you will get past the darkness and there will be light.

The Lord is my shephard….

The sun is coming up as I write this on the way to work!

Have a great day,


What am I thankful for today?
I’m thankful for the rain that will feed the food that will sustain us. I’m thankful that my wife has the strength to conquer adversity. I’m thankful for every day that follows the night!

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