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They say that time heals all wounds. Sometimes I’m not so sure.

Sunday will be six months since my son passed away. At times, it feels like yesterday and at others it seems like an eternity. Admittedly, the pain dulls but I’m not so sure it ever goes away.

What I will say that is when you feel the pain, you should take the time to feel it and then channel that into something positive. I sometimes talk about what I experienced while my son was fighting his battle against cancer and then I realize that nothing I experience will ever be as tough as what my son went through. When I put that into perspective, life looks so much brighter.

I realize that by listening to people around me, I can often help them to gain perspective without the other person having to experience the same personal pain. By showing them that I choose to enjoy my life and focus on doing the best for those still here, others often comment that they are able to refocus and push through challenges for themselves because of the perspective they have gained through my experience.

Focus on the great things in your life. “Smell the roses” and breathe the wonderful fresh air of life around you. The world is a beautiful place if you let it be.

Choose to enjoy your day, I know I am!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful there is food on the table. I’m thankful people will listen when I need it. I’m thankful that God is in my life.

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