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I’m just enjoying a spring day and taking down my Christmas lights when I realized this a great time.

We are just coming into a new season in our lives. I’m home alone while my wife is out on business. I joined the half century club last week. Our kids have all left the nest. So many changes.

It’s spring outside and sun is shining. I see this time as a┬áspring season in our lives. Now we have reached a time of new beginnings. We are getting to know each other all over again as very different people. There is so much┬áto experience!

I never knew my wife without kids. When we married, I married a family with two children. They were 4 and 2 when I met her. We had two more together and blended a family to be very proud of. There were a lot of challenges along the way and we lost a child last year to cancer but we all held it together and got through. Even Brett. He made sure his daughter had a lot of memories to take with her after he was gone.

As I’m out in the sun taking down the last remnants of last year, I can feel my son telling me “That’s it Dad, it’s time to get on and enjoy the new beginnings”.

We all face challenges. We win some battles and we lose some. If you learn from the battle and use that to your advantage, you can win the war. I intend to win this one.

So, it’s time to get up and dust yourself off. Take some of the new found energy that comes with getting out into the sun and enjoy the blossoming spring as you head into the next battle with confidence and vigour.

You only lose if you give up.

I’m heading back out there to charge up a little more in the sun while it’s shining!

Have a great day,


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for a wonderful wife. I’m thankful for a wonderful life. I thank God for it all!

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