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Andy Stanley does a great of job of discussing the gap between “Expectation” and “Behaviour”.

When something goes “wrong” like our spouse is late for a special event or isn’t able to complete a task we expected, we need to ask ourselves, do we really believe that our spouse went out of their way to annoy us?  Do we really believe our spouse is happy with what we perceive to be a negative outcome?

I suspect they are not any happier about it than you are.  I suspect they really don’t need to be “reminded” of their inability to meet your expectations.

EVERYTHING I do in this life is driven by my desire to provide the best that I can for my wife and my family.  I don’t think I’m any different than most men.

Am I always successful?  My God, no.  Would it help for my wife to constantly remind me of my shortcomings?  Gotta say no to that one.  Can I understand how people reach a point where they just can’t take any more?  Yep.  We’re lucky, we both work hard at staying in love and staying married.  That’s not always the case with everyone I have met.  Those people don’t stay married.

Take the time to watch this series of talks by Andy Stanley and presented by Connexus.  It just may save your marriage or may be the message you are looking for that will help a friend save theirs.


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for dew on the grass.  I’m thankful for a wife that works hard at staying in love.  I’m thankful for the grace of God.

What are you thankful for today?



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