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In John C Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, he discusses how people are attracted to particular organizations, associations or businesses. Whether you own a business, work for a company or coach a sports team, leaders are always looking for people. What we often forget is that we attract who we are, not who we want.

I suggest that means that if you don’t seem to be attracting the people you want to your business, maybe it’s time to do a little soul searching.  If someone from the outside were to take a look, are you the person you say you are looking for? What changes are you willing to make so that you can attract the people you want?

For all of the negative perceptions of network marketing, this is where they excel.  If you want to develop both personally and professionally, go join one.  It really doesn’t matter which.  Well, maybe a little.  Most of them have excellent programs and people that you can learn from.  I have seen timid people turn into strong executives because of their involvement.

You can spend thousands on a formal education.  If you are like most of us, it’s later in life and there just isn’t the time or money.  Time is actually the bigger issue.  At least this way, you meet people, learn and have a little fun along the way.  God forbid you actually make money!  

Make it a great day, Barry

P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for a wife that opened my mind.  I’m thankful for the new people I meet all the time.  I’m thankful for sunglasses!

What are you thankful for today?      

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