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Politicking in Canada

ment fighting

Politicking in Canada needs a reboot. Time for our leadership (and the rest of us to  go “Back to the Future”.

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Leadership In Challenging Times

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Leadership is something everyone is capable of and important in these challenging times. Leadership Leadership isn’t something that just comes naturally. It comes easier for some than others but the best leaders work hard at it. What we choose to say and how we say it can matter. I remember an old saying “stick stones …

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Why You Need to Love the “Onesie, Twosies”!


“Onesie, Twosies” are critical for the success of your MLM business. This is where the bulk of your numbers will come from. MLM and the Numbers As with any type of sales organization, successful sales strategies are all about the numbers. You need to fill the funnel to get results. How do you do that? …

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Fake it until you become it.

Fake it until you become it. Confidence isn’t something you are born with. It’s a learned behaviour. What are you willing to do to become more confident and successful? Confidence Confidence is the feeling that you can do something well or succeed at something. I have confidence that I can run my own business. I …

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You show great leadership! Is your leadership unbiased?

Great leadership is as unbiased as possible. In order to demonstrate that, we need to recognize our own biases. I’m willing to bet you didn’t think you had any. I know I do. How do we manage that? What do you mean I’m biased?! I have yet to meet a leader without bias. That doesn’t mean they …

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Leader or Manager? What Is The Difference?

I am the boss

Leadership can make or break an organization. A manager is not necessarily the leader. Leaders aren’t always good managers. Every now and then, they are the same person. Are you a manager, leader or both? Manager When I use the title of manager, I refer to that person who is in an official capacity with …

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Stay Calm and Carry On

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Rule #8, The Law of Intuition

Back to The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. In chapter 8 or Rule #8, John C Maxwell talks about the traits of leaders and one is the ability to make use of their natural intuition.  This isn’t to mean that they read minds or “communicate with the universe”.  This is a reference to a natural …

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The Law of Influence

In John C. Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, the second law is The Law of Influence. So many try to exert control to “make” people do their bidding.  I think we all understand the strength of leverage.  You can move the greatest obstacle if you have a big enough lever.  This is where …

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Do you hear what I hear?

Probably not. What did you hear? We were at Connexus yesterday and the minister was speaking about “serving”. He made references to servant leadership. His best example was Jesus Christ. There was no greater servant leader. I found it very interesting when we visited friends after church and the discussion about the message came up. …

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