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Leadership is something everyone is capable of and important in these challenging times.


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Leadership isn’t something that just comes naturally. It comes easier for some than others but the best leaders work hard at it. What we choose to say and how we say it can matter.

I remember an old saying “stick stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me”. We were so wrong! When we call someone stupid or criticize how they feel, you might just as well have hit them. We always told our kids to use their words but I hope we taught them to use them with caring and kindness. In challenging times like today, we need to show leadership in how we not only behave but how we use our words.

Challenging Times

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With COVID-19 society is facing fear and a very challenging time. Leadership now will be important in the recovery process. The past few days have shown evidence through things like the hordes of people in the stores busily trying to make sure their families will be OK. In the process, many have been left without and there was even an incident in a large metropolitan centre in Canada where there was a shooting over groceries for God’s sake.

We can either focus on all the negative stories about looting type behaviour and slam each other for whatever approach each takes or we can show leadership by making the choice to focus on the positive and what we have control over.

This is the time for leadership. Are you up for it?

Leadership Challenge!

Will you be a follower or a leader?

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We all have a choice to make today. Either we will follow the hysterical crowd or we can assume a leadership role and help those people find their way back to some semblance of normalcy, whatever that is!

I have seen so many posts lately on Facebook about toilet paper in short supply and everyone being so fearful of something we can’t really control. What we CAN control is how we act, react and treat others. Sure, it’s prudent to practice safe living like washing your hands and making sure you aren’t the one to make others sick but it’s also prudent to find ways to infect others with positivity. For example, a friend’s daughter passed away at a very young age and she came to me to talk because she knew I had lost a son at a similar age. I made it very clear at the time that if she was looking for a pity party, I’m not the one to turn to. This was about four years ago and she comes for a morning hug to this day. She knows that coming to me will result in reassurance that life goes on and it’s up to us to show our families that life is for the living, not to get stuck wallowing in self pity.

No pity parties for me!!!

My challenge to everyone is to make the decision to be a leader and help others understand we will survive and there will be life after COVID-19! It’s a choice.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful my parent’s taught me good hygiene, respect for others and to lead by example. What are you thankful for today?


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