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Why is it that our kids can bring out the best in us and at the same have just as great a power to bring out the worst in us?

Yesterday, I was convening at a soccer tournament. The morning started out rough with thunder and lightening off and on. This meant games were disrupted repeatedly for a couple of hours until the storm passed. We were all wet and frustrated but the weather improved and the rest of the day went well. I’m sure some of the teams with a negative result were not happy but that’s the nature of competitive sports.

We weathered the day and at the end, there was a young man backing out of a parking spot that did not see a father with three young girls and his wife coming across the lane as he was backing out. There was almost an accident but there was no damage. Now we have a scared 30 something father and an equally scared 20is young man. The father gets out of his car screaming and the poor young man just doesn’t know what to do.

What I found frustrating is what the father did next, he tried to start a fight! He was literally pressing his chest against the young man like an animal. The young man’s father and I tried to get between them and the man from the car kept trying to get to the young man. The man’s three daughters were screaming at the father to stop. His wife tried to get him to stop. I tried to get him to hear that the area was full of children and this really wasn’t a good idea.

Finally, he got back in his car and left.

A group of us watching were so impressed with the young man that I just had to go over and tell him. He may have been technically wrong if he had hit the other man’s car but the “adult” was way off base! You could see the young man visibly relax and he was finally able to get back into his car to leave. Sad that his father felt he had to follow to make sure the other guy wasn’t waiting to ambush him.

Why? I just don’t understand how anyone could behave like that in front of his three daughters. What kind of example is that?

Ok, that was a rant. I’m done now.

Let’s play futbol!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful it looks like the day will be sunny for these kids! I’m thankful for the friends that we shared time with last night. I’m thankful this tournament will help me with cherishing the memories of my children.

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