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Wow! It’s hard to believe this is the eighth year since we started this thing!

About 9 years ago I walked into the Barrie Soccer Club and asked how come a club the size of ours didn’t have an annual competitive soccer tournament. At that time I had two kids in competitive soccer and was travelling to many different cities every summer and we never had one here in Barrie. At the time, I told them “I’m a put or shut up kind of guy” and they should call if they ever needed help. That call came the next year. Spiritfest came alive in 2003 and I’m proud to say I was a part of developing this tournament.

I remember the second year sitting in┬áthe parking lot at the funeral home where my Grandmother was resting and I was on the phone and internet┬ádirecting where to put toilets and posting schedules to the web page. I missed last year as my son was fighting cancer and I was selfish and unwilling to lose that time with him. He was one of the driving forces in my wanting this tournament. This year, I was unable to do much leading up to the tournament because I now work in Toronto and it’s just too difficult to be in Barrie at the times the team needed but I’ll be there this week end!

For me this tournament is something I will always treasure because this club gave so much to my son’s life. His coach was the only person that could get away with calling him Brettie, even we couldn’t get away with that! It will always be bitter sweet but I hope this tournament continues for many years to come.

My daughter enjoyed this tournament just as much and I’m sure she will be disappointed she can’t be here. She’s in Calgary getting on with her life and starts University in BC this fall!

Come out and see some great futbol!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful the weather is supposed to hold out. I little rain won’t hurt. I’m thankful I woke up in time this morning! I’m thankful for the coaches who were instrumental in my kids’ development, all three of the ones who played this wonderful game.

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