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Winter Landscape In Canada

Winter is beautiful! Landscape in Canada is some of the most beautiful in the world and you don’t have to go to The Rockies to experience it. Open your eyes anywhere in this country and you will see if you want to.

We were visiting our son in Saint-Sauveur over the holidays and were blown away when we visited Sainte-Adèle and discovered Le P’Tit Train du Nord. Stunning! (As you go through this blog, click the photos to enlarge. They will open in a new tab.)

Walking Le P'Tit Train du Nord
SMC Pentax 28-105mm on K-1ii


Our youngest daughter on the other hand, lives in The Rockies in British Columbia. She can be found hanging off cliffs and boulders or hiking trails most of us would never attempt!

I’m wondering if we created landscape addicts. Even our older daughter that lives in a larger city is very happy to get out into “the wilds” of northern Ontario. 

Dogsledding in Algonquin.
SMC Pentax DAL 18-55mm on K-S1

OK, I have to admit until we went through Quebec on our way to Halifax a few years ago, I thought Ontario was the only truly beautiful landscape. Well, Quebec is certainly competition. Oh, and Alberta and BC and …. I can’t decide any more!

Winter Cityscapes

It’s certainly beautiful in the countryside in Canada but I have to say, there is a different kind of beauty to some of our cityscapes, even in winter!

The photo below was taken the day after a major ice storm in March of 2016. I risked my life to get this photo! Roads were a little slick but I could just tell it would be absolutely beautiful and had to get out with my camera. 

Barrie Ice Storm
SMC Pentax DAL 18-55mm on K-S1

Just recently I was on a lunchtime walk downtown in Toronto. Even there, winter is beautiful in Canada!

Boardwalk at Queen's Quay in winter
Sigma 28-80mm on Pentax K-1ii

Winter Makes Us Who We Are!

Our landscape is what makes us truly Canadian. My belief is that because we have four seasons and our winters tend to be long and rather harsh, it makes us tougher and more resilient as a people.

We have a choice.

Barry Clermont on skis.
Yep, that’s me on skis!

Either succumb to the negativity and “hate” the winter or embrace a positive attitude and love it. It truly is a choice. When we moved to Barrie from Hamilton in 1990, we knew what we were facing. I was 29 at the time and had never skied in my life. We went to Snow Valley one day and saw all the teenagers having a great time. We decided that we would certainly prefer to see our kids hanging out with friends there than the mall. All four of the kids skied and we were blessed to share that with them!

Winter is beautiful in Canada! What will you decide?

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Pentax. I’m thankful for sunshine. I’m thankful for snow! What are you thankful for today?



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