Are All Pentax 55-300mm Lenses Created Equal?

Pentax offers many telephoto lenses and choosing can be confusing. Which of three 55-300mm options are best?

Camera Lenses, Much Ado About Nothing!

Discussion about camera lenses for #Pentax are much ado about nothing! Camera Lenses Camera lenses don't make the photographer. There are 151 lenses that are compatible with all three of

Through The Looking Glass: Your Lens Matters!

When considering the looking glass, we often forget how much the lens matters. Let's be clear, I'm a Pentax guy with no experience using other cameras so yes, there is

It’s All About The Politics

I often hear the phrase “it’s all about the politics” when talking about government policy for things like COVID-19 restrictions. Those people are absolutely right! It IS all about the politics.   Why Is It All About The Politics? Politicians are elected to represent the populace. Yes, that’s us regular Continue Reading

Barry Clermont