When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong, don’t go with them! I heard this on a Hallmark move yesterday and it really resonated with me. Luckily, I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget! When Things Go Wrong Things can and will go wrong. Regardless of our best laid plans, we are not alone in this world and …

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Camera Lenses, Much Ado About Nothing!

Discussion about camera lenses for #Pentax are much ado about nothing! Camera Lenses Camera lenses don’t make the photographer. There are 151 lenses that are compatible with all three of my Pentax cameras and there is no way I could use them all. The decision to go with Pentax when I re-engaged in my photography …

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Through The Looking Glass: Your Lens Matters!

Snowy street in St. Sauveur Quebec

When considering the looking glass, we often forget how much the lens matters. Let’s be clear, I’m a Pentax guy with no experience using other cameras so yes, there is a bias. My references are mostly to Pentax because that’s what I know. That being said, this is a discussion in general terms. Your Lens …

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Politicking in Canada

ment fighting

Politicking in Canada needs a reboot. Time for our leadership (and the rest of us to  go “Back to the Future”.

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Leadership In Challenging Times

sad and smile face

Leadership is something everyone is capable of and important in these challenging times. Leadership Leadership isn’t something that just comes naturally. It comes easier for some than others but the best leaders work hard at it. What we choose to say and how we say it can matter. I remember an old saying “stick stones …

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Pentax Lenses and My DA 18-135mm WR

Pentax camera and bag with lenses

Pentax lenses and cameras may not be mainstream but I’m an addict! My first SLR was a Pentax ME Super and when I bought a new camera, it was natural to buy a newer Pentax because I can still use my 40 year old lenses! Pentax Lenses I believe even photographers that use other kits …

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Photography and Taking Pictures – What the “f”?!

Photography is the art of being to create (not just take) a photo that causes the viewer to feel something and that “f” I referred to, is what determines how much or little light you need and also how much detail is shown throughout the whole picture.

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My GuruShots

Gurushots is a fun new activity for photographers, professional or otherwise! What is Gurushots? Visit my page to take a look and if you enjoying taking pictures, join me! Once you have uploaded a number of photos, it starts to make suggestions for challenges to participate in and insert photos for you. You don’t have …

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Fair, Firm and Friendly. Are we forgetting the three F’s?

banner for free coaching

When I first went into management, my manager at the time gave me a piece of advice I never forgot. He said “always remember The Three F’s: Fair, Firm and Friendly. In that order. Fair, Firm and Friendly This approach really applies to all areas in life. Whether dealing with a partner, children or staff, …

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Why You Need to Love the “Onesie, Twosies”!


“Onesie, Twosies” are critical for the success of your MLM business. This is where the bulk of your numbers will come from. MLM and the Numbers As with any type of sales organization, successful sales strategies are all about the numbers. You need to fill the funnel to get results. How do you do that? …

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Fake it until you become it.

Fake it until you become it. Confidence isn’t something you are born with. It’s a learned behaviour. What are you willing to do to become more confident and successful? Confidence Confidence is the feeling that you can do something well or succeed at something. I have confidence that I can run my own business. I …

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